Tech serving democracy

The number of users of new technologies have exploded in Burma. In just a few years, we have gone from a few hundred thousand for the sale of SIM cards, at almost 22 million today. Only Chinese and Indian neighbours have superior growth!

In 2009, a SIM card cost $ 2,000, while today the cheapest is 1.5 dollar.

Burma become the first  “mobile first” country in the world , starting its development in new technologies, i.e. without going through the usual development phase for a website for a computer device.

This evolution where open source is the standard in many situations, shows a new face of the country.

New generation understood that well

Without being a technology addict, Mya Nandar attended in 2014 a gathering focuded on these tools and their uses, called TechCamp Rangoon. At that time, we were just within two years of the next elections, that will take place this November.

In a few days with the Phandeeyar‘s association and the support of The Asia Foundation, a competition bringing together developers, called “Let’s Vote!” (MaePaySoh! in Burmese), will lead to the creation of mobile applications and websites relating to the forthcoming elections.