The land confiscated from the era of the military junta were numerous ... and continue until today. Since Thein Sein Government came to power, he has undertaken a number of reforms, and created some commission to enable farmers to recover their lands or at least fair compensation. The opacity in the manner in which the... Continue Reading

Campaign of the association Info-Birmanie for the release of political prisoners AAPPB is Association of Assistance to the political prisoners of Burma, an organization that works on the subject since 2000. It is remained long based in exile to the Thai border. Today, it has a branch in Rangoon. Early 2013, President Thein Sein promised... Continue Reading

Billions in Arakan shore The military junta discovered in 2004 enormous reserves of gas near the West coast of the country, in the Rakhine State. Years of negotiations have enabled CNPC (Chinese National Petroleum Company), a major State company, to obtain the deal. Their partner in Burma is Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), one... Continue Reading

18 number in Burmese Creation of a repressive law for democratic transition! From its validation in 2011, Article 18, the Peaceful Gathering and Demonstration Law, has received attention from human rights activists even if it seemed to be an improvement over the years of dictatorship where no demonstration were allowed. Many in civil society has... Continue Reading