Who we are?

L'équipe d'Info-Birmanie rencontre Aung San suu Kyi.

Info-Birmanie team meet Aung San Suu Kyi.

Author’s background

He has worked as a video editor on documentaries for French TV (France 3, France 5, Arte), but also on news programmes (Envoyé Spécial, Capital, Thalassa …), and for NGOs (SolEnSi, Aide à l’Enfance Tibétaine …).

Passionate about the internet and all it has to offer, he just concluded a Multimedia Project Manager training. He finds this new way of sharing content very challenging.

“With the internet, the multimedia opens the door to new ways of telling stories thanks to interactive links (hypertext). Being able to tell a story in a non-linear maner makes it possible to move from one idea to the other by associating ideas or by sensory proximity. It is a process that is close to the human thought process, often guided by emotion rather than by reason. I find similarities with my work as film editor.”

Discovery of Burma

His first trip to Burma was in 2000. During this trip, he fell madly in love with the country right away. He was a spellbound tourist, with no specific knowledge about the country. His fascination carried on during the following trips but his look on the country changed. It became sharper, less naive and more politically aware.

In 2005 and 2006, he lived on the Thailand-Burma border for a year. He produced un film on young activists from Burma. He moved from his first emotions on the country’s peaceful population, turned towards Buddha and temples to new emotions. They were not as wonderful but they remained intriguing. How can such a peaceful population suffer such horrendous abuses by the military government for so long ?

During this transition period from a military dictatorship to a quasi-civilian government, how will the population act and react on its way to the 2015 national elections, the first supposedly free elections nationwide in its entire history ?

The answer is not so simple. The author started writing this project to try and answer it. When the web documentary observes the reality of those involved in civil society by giving them the floor, the documentary is a personal look at the evolution of this unusual country at that particular moment in its evolution.

Logo de l'association Info-Birmanie

Info Birmanie is a non-for-profit organization working for the promotion of human rights, democracy and development in Burma.

Our mission

Information and advocacy Center, Info Birmanie‘s main mission is to inform and raise awareness of the political, economic and social situation in Burma.

We help raise the voice of Burma‘s civil society by supporting their work nationally and internationally, so that Burma can find a solution to end the ongoing crisis in the country and move towards a peaceful transition to democracy.

Our work

We try to influence France‘s political and economic decision-makers into taking action in favor of human rights and democracy in Burma.

We produce expertise on developments occurring in Burma and support actors of these developments by partnering with civil society organizations working for the promotion of human rights and democracy in Burma.

We raise awareness among the French public about the situation in Burma.

For this purpose, Info Birmanie has agreed to be a partner of the burma2015 project.