By all means!

Une du journal "New Light of Myanmar" du 08-08-2004 avec une photographie du dictateur et sa femme faisant une donation à un moine.

We don’t see anymore today  in the “New Light of Myanmar” the main newspaper of State in English, the same cover as above!

It was the cover of August 8, 2004. While the dictator Than Shwe and his wife make donations to monks, this same day was the 16th anniversary of the popular uprising of 8 August 1988 (8888), a historic day for the people of Burma. No mention of that news in the newspaper!

During the dictatorship,the propaganda, the constant pressure, the use of physical and mental violences, were enough to enslave the majority of the population.

Transparency? A notion that the military cannot even imagine! Yet this concept is fundamental to democracy. And it gives all its meaning to the need for independent media.

Then the Burmese junta has stated his desire to take the road of democracy from 2011, with the establishment of a Government mainly formed of former soldiers dressed since in civilians clothes.

Some real changes took place the first two years. Among them, there is the release of political prisoners, the freedom of expression in real improvement or the search for peace with the numerous ethnic armed groups.

If emerging from a 50 years dictatorship, it is understandable that the country do need time to become a democracy, it is understandable as well that those who are fighting to see this change, wishes it as soon as possible!

With the approach of national elections in November, a sense of “democratic retraction” is felt everywhere in Burma. The language of violence used against civilians during the dictatorship can not be practiced like before, because the government now, has at least a duty of “good governance” in front of the international community that supports it.

Then, thanks to the work of dozens of journalists, it emerges that at all levels, national, regional and communal, the powers apply to curb this march to democracy, by limiting the freedom of expression, transparency and fair justice.


That section is called “By all means!”.
With the re-use of articles of field reporters,  it try hard to point the different forms of binding actions, lies, pressures or corruption that use the different levels of power.

These actions taken separately appear not worse than elsewhere, but it is in their accumulations that emerges more clearly an initially obscure image of the reluctant part to change, among those who currently run Burma.

Logo de l’Organisation de Protection de la Race et de la Religion

#BAM4 – Impunity of extremist

After decades of dictatorship, one of the consequences of the freedom of speech recovered (partially) is the expression also of extremist values.

The Association for the Protection of Race and Religion in Burma, campaign against the opposition party, the National League for democracy!


By all means! (#BAM)