Burma by the numbers

Le casse-tête de la voie magique pour préparer les élections. Dessin: ATH pour The Irrawaddy

The puzzle of magical way to prepare for elections
Drawing: ATH for The Irrawaddy

As you may know already numerology plays an important role in Burma. Dictator or rickshaw driver, many Burmese are careful of the number when making a decision, whether significant or trivial.

Dictators who led the country with an iron fist are among the example. General Ne Win (1962 to 1988) decided that banknotes of 25, 35, and 75 kyat were no longer valid the next day.

Un billet de 45 kyat (la monnaie birmane)

And as the number 9 was his lucky number, the State started the 45 and 90 kyat notes, making nearly 70% of banknotes in circulation without value anymore!

In this section, we will look at the numbers with a different approach.

Numbers is also useful to categorize, classify, or simply to name an element, such as the articles of the Universal Declaration of human rights … Section of laws, amount of population, numbers bring sometimes in some signs a significant snapshot’ on a situation.

Burma By Numbers (#BBN)