Burma By Numbers!

5 millions in burmese

Number 5 000 000 in Burmese. In 2014, Aung San Suu Kyi, her party, the National League for democracy and other groups of civil society …


As you may know already numerology plays an important role in Burma.

But the number is also useful to categorize, classify, or simply name an element, such as for articles of the Universal Declaration of human rights …

By All Means!

Win Cho manifeste devant la mairie de Rangoon contre les confiscations de terres.

Win Cho demonstrate against land grabbing outside the city hall of Rangoon.


In the expression “democratic transition”, the word “transition” suggests an ongoing process and a goal not yet reached.


Here are excerpts from sequences of the film, the documentary web or interviews posted on the facebook page of the project.


The origine

Une très jeune fille travaille dans une fabrique de Cherrots, ce sont les cigares, cigarettes birmanes que l'on trouve à tous les coins de rues.

In 2000, even though it was not obvious as a tourist to feel that Burma was a dictatorship …

The intention

Au centre de Rangoon, devant la pagode Sule, un jeune homme utilise son large smartphone.

Moving from dictatorship to democracy doesn’t happen overnight. Democracy is not something you claim …

Who we are?

L'équipe d'Info-Birmanie rencontre Aung San suu Kyi.

Information and advocacy CenterInfo Birmanie‘s main mission is to inform and raise awareness of the political, economic and social situation in Burma.