The land confiscated from the era of the military junta were numerous … and continue until today.

Since Thein Sein Government came to power, he has undertaken a number of reforms, and created some commission to enable farmers to recover their lands or at least fair compensation.

The opacity in the manner in which the land had been confiscated at the time, makes more difficult the resolution of some cases.

Local authority, cronie, military battalion, national army or simply the State, each of them grabbed lands, on which peasants worked.

 The state is (still) not responsible for the actions of the army

U  Pu Cho is peasant in the Monywa area.

In 1981, the Ministry of Agriculture seized part of his village lands to exploit them. Performance is not good, the lands were recovered in 1996 by a military battalion installed nearby. The army leased these lands to other farmers.  They keep the land when the battalion left a few years later.

U Pu Cho has never recovered the lands and lives since then with daily works.

Despite his many letters to the authorities of the region, the ministries concerned and the president Thein Sein administration office, U Pu Cho never received answer.

By fear, even today across the country, farmers pay taxes on land, they no longer operate for a long time.