Campagne de l'association Info-Birmanie pour la libération des prisonniers politiques

Campaign of the association Info-Birmanie for the release of political prisoners

AAPPB is Association of Assistance to the political prisoners of Burma, an organization that works on the subject since 2000. It is remained long based in exile to the Thai border. Today, it has a branch in Rangoon.

Early 2013, President Thein Sein promised that it will not remain political prisoners at the end of 2013. Soon after, the government formed the Committee for Scrutinizing the Remaining Prisoners of Conscience by presidential order. AAPPB was active within that Committee, but in 2015 many people are still jailed for political motive.

In January 2015, the government replaces the former Committee by a new one called Prisoners of Conscience Affairs Committee and excluded AAPPB as a member!

The new organization is much criticized for its bias.

 The new president of the commission, the general Kyaw Kyaw Tun, is Deputy Minister of the Interior; his Ministry is placed under the command of the army of Myanmar and includes police forces, the Special Section and the Department of prison administration.

The NGO Association of Assistance of Political Prisoners of Burma (AAPPB) has been excluded from the new commission, in all likelihood because Bo Gyi, its co-founder, has in the past critical gaps in this instance.

Extract from an article of article de Human Right Watch.

Who is able to talk the best about the political prisoners’ situation in Burma if it is not AAPPB?

It publishes every month, a chronology of events and arrests of the precedent month in Burma. According to the association, today, 112 political prisoners would remain in jail , with 448 activists awaiting trial.

The government, formed partly of former generals accountable for political arrests, has never made his mea culpa for the killings and inhuman treatment that received some prisoners nor it has never officially communicate with them yet.

It’s worth to question the real motives of the government on national reconciliation process, with the signing of a lasting peace with the ethnic armed groups, when it is not able to properly take into consideration the life forever changed of few thousand people.

Bo Gyi, AAPPB’s president, reacts to this exclusion in an article of The Irrawaddy journal.

The French association Info-Birmanie follows and regularly publishes on the subject for years already.